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THGL Parivar
We make use of PHP and MYSQL. PHP is used as front end language & MySQL is used as back end language.PHP is an open-source scripting language that can be used for many purposes and is particularly good for Web development as it can be embedded within HTML Approximately 22 million websites and 850 programmers use PHP and that number continues to increase every day. Some of the well known companies that rely works on PHP.We also make use of PHP as front end language & MySQL is used as  back end language which is used to maintain the database.

We make use of advanced techniques to build our websites:

1.CMS(Content Management System)  is used by us for the creation of web sites thats mean the use of Joomla is done to make webpages.Drupal is also used by us to  creation of websites.

2.MVC(Model View Controller) the use of cake php is also done to the creation purpose this helps us to make good and attractive websites. these are quite helpful  making  dynamic as well as static web pages.

3.Advanced Technologies  The use of advance PHP is done to creation of web sites we make use of e-Commerce,smarty, ajax  and many more techniques frequently in our application as well as in our websitesaccording to need of users and according to the need of our  website.In designing side the user of stylesheet  is done and which helps to make webpages more attractive & catchy.we  ake use of java script to provide diffrent scripting function facility to users.
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